Sunday, 5 May 2013

2013 - Lamborghini 50th Tour - T-3

Well it's three days to go before the big event in Milan and we have driven down to Kent from Newcastle to stay at Alun's pad before meeting up with Lamborghini London's gang of 13 cars for the trip across to Milan.

Meeting at the services outside the tunnel we join a gaggle of Gallardos and a brace of Aventadors but BLASST is the oldest girl by a good 25 years.

She doesn't put a foot wrong on the run down and shows the new kids how a fire breathing 80s car on carbs sounds gaining much respect on the run through france.

Arriving at the hotel after a very worrying trip through a ford a further 4 cars have joined us, including an early 90s Diablo so maybe we will see some more
Old girls on route.

Can't wait to meet more cars over the next few days. Great start

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