Thursday, 9 May 2013

2013 - Lamborghini 50th Tour - The road to Rome

Feeling a little fuzzy this morning after a little too much to drink last night we miss the bus and walk to the car. As usual we have very little time to prepare before we set-off.

Last night, after a lot of Brandy, we agreed to switch cars with Joe as he is desperate to try the Countach.  The plan is to stop at the first petrol station on the autostrada. As ever with such planning we fall down at the first hurdle as we don't go on the autostrada.

Driving through Pisa we stop at the first station after the leaning tower, fill up (57 Euros) and check the oil. In all the traveling we have only used 1 litre. Excellent result. Dave Bell  has done a fine job in preparing the car.

As Joe pulls up he is still in pain from last night and decides to delay the switch till after lunch, so we jump in the car and join the Lambo London gang for the run to Rome.

With some excellent out riders we soon have a convoy of around 60 Lambos all together. Epic fun. 

Jeff Bolton and Peter, journalists over from the US and Russia,  have been desperately trying to catch us on the road and we finally pass them as we make our way through the tunnels. Jeff immediately follows close and Peter takes a load of photos so fingers crossed he gets them  published. Flames through the tunnel would be excellent to see on camera.

Just before lunch we are joined by a new Aventador Spyder who attached to the back of the Countach for the final run into the Airforce base. It's Dan from @PistonHeads we discover as we park up at the base. Good lad for sticking with us through the country lanes.

At the airforce base the car  display is fantastic  and the food is as good as ever. I could get use to this.

The Airforce parking


After lunch we switch cars with Joe. A little concerned to see my baby in the hands of another I follow very close behind. I'm  too distracted to really take in the full jet fighter Aventador experience. The car is sooooo easy to drive. First impression is a little too much Audi for my taste but let's not jump to conclusions. 

We stop for fuel as the  Aventador is on fumes and bump into Harry Metcalf (@harrym_evo) with his power assisted Countach. Unbelievable to see him spin the wheel whilst stationary. I let Dave drive the Aventador on the next leg as I take a few pics.

Feels wrong sitting outside of the Countach

We stop for fuel as the Aventador is on fumes and bump into Harry Metcalf (@harrym_evo) with his power assisted Countach. Unbelievable to see him spin the wheel whilst stationary. I let Dave Hanley drive the Aventador on the next leg as I take a few pics.

Great to see her on the road from the outside for a change

Joe is clearly enjoying the drive

Just outside Rome we stop for more fuel. (100 euro) and switch back into the Countach. The roads are mad and scooters are everywhere. Miuras constantly appear at the side of the road with clamshell open. The Rod Stewart SV is in a garage and the owner confirms it is bit running properly. The others appear to have overheated. 

After yesterday's accident we are very careful in the traffic. Suddenly I hear the sound of smashed fibreglass. Checking my mirrors I cant see anything 'funny that in a Countach'. Moving forward I can see a  bike has attempted to fit through a gap between a parked car and the  350 behind me and is pinned between the two. Phew, they can sort that out.

Driving past St Peter's square is amazing and we give the local lads some noise (I'm sure it will be on YouTube) before heading up the hill to our car park.

As we park on the top of the hill overlooking Rome, we are rushed by the support team towards 'the last bus to the hotels' which is clearly full with another 60 people trying to get on. No problem, we drop our bags off with Harry Metcalf's co-driver and have a beer whilst enjoying the scenery.

View from the Parking at the top of the hill in Rome

Harry's friends who broke down in their Anniversary Countach at lunch on day 1 are in Harry's Espada. They are the 3rd people today to inform us that the yellow LP400 is driving badly, even after the crash from yesterday. Maybe he needs some instruction I suggest. I'll have to give him my card. It would be nice if he would give me his details and agree to fix my car rather than ignore me and continue to drive poorly.

At the hotel we have no room key and then two missing bags. As we get our key the driver of the LP400 arrives so I suggest to him that exchanging our details now would be appreciated. He decides he would rather speak with Winklemann, so I put my head camera on and inform Winklemann of my issues with the guys attitude. Good news is they will sort my car, and LP400 will pick up the bill. 

Nemesis in the LP400 gets two barrels in front of Winklemann

Winklemann and Rafaello will fix it

We are quickly showered and back out for a great meal with Andy, 'Simon from Yorkshire' and Robert. By do they have a custard test to sort. More on that later I'm sure.  we stop off for a final beer and off to bed. we have an 8:30 appointment in the morning to asses the damage to my car with Rafaello of Lamborghini.

Another good night.  Another shot of Joe with a drink

P.s you can see where we are on

Countach is car 31. 
Black (Happy Birthday) Aventador is car 195.

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