Tuesday, 23 September 2014

2014 - Ferrari Racing Days - Silverstone GP Circuit

Two years after achieving the world record of 964 Ferraris (yes I know it's the code for the 90's 911) on track at once, we return to Silverstone to support the European Trofeo and Shell 458 Challenge series' and the clienti programme of FXX, 599XX and F1 cars.

The Pirelli Ferrari Open has been invited again, but unfortunately the Classics remain excluded by the factory.  Such a shame as they do put on a great show and would definitely add a further dimension to the weekend.

Listening to the engines of the older F1 cars in contrast to my trip to the British GP in July really brings home what has been lost from the sport since the introduction of the turbos.  The scream is immense as the cars fly past.

The FXX and 599XX are similarly spectacular and it was a great privilege to watch from the pit lane.

Open Race

So onto the Open Race and specifically the gaggle of 355s.  After qualifying it is clear that Nigel's modifications for the Intermarque series have now bedded-in and starting to deliver the benefits.  Unless Nigel has a problem we will be in his wake.  Thankfully, the remaining cars are very close, so we should have a good battle.

Race 1

Tim and I are nose to tail behind the 360 of Gavin Shirley, which we know is difficult to get off the line, so there is a chance we both go backwards at the start.   As expected the 360s are slow off the line, but a spin in the first corner shuffles the pack and I get ahead of Tim and pull a large gap.  I maintain the gap for the race, with Nigel well ahead fighting with the 360s on SLICKS.  Unbelievable !!!.  2nd in class is a great result and ahead of Tim. 1 nil for the weekend to Tris.

Race 2

Tim and I start nose to tail again, but this time on the outside of the track.  Unfortunately the 360 of Gavin Shirley hasn't made the grid and both Nigel and Lee get a good run on the inside of turn 1.  Thankfully a decision to follow Lee gives me the chance to go around the outside of Tim at Village and pull a gap.

I keep with Lee and Nigel for a few laps, but gradually lose ground.  Tim makes good use of the faster cars as they lap us and is back on my tail by lap 9 and it is clear that he has more time in the car than I can match, so it's all eyes on the mirrors as I keep him behind.  Thankfully I retain 3rd and ahead of Tim for the second time in the weekend. Result !