Tuesday, 23 April 2013

2013 - FOC - Snetterton Race 1 & 2

2012 - Snetterton Race 1 & 2

For 2013 Pirelli have mandated the classic teams use the 17 inch wheels and new PZero Rosso tyres to replace the old PZero Corsa we have used since 2004. Unfortunately they are a significantly harder compound, reducing grip and therefore lap time. The good news is we all have the same tyres and no advantage can be gained using old Corsa's.

The good news for Tristec is that we have already run at Snetterton on the Rosso tyres, allowing us to measure our progress. In 2012 we achieved a 2:25.794 on the 300 circuit and a 1:32.803 on the 200 layout. I'm pleased to say that we improved times in both configurations with a new best of 2:23.320 on the 300 and 1:30.704 on the 200.

I will draft a full update shortly, video footage and results are below.

2013 - Snetterton Race 1 Footage

Race 2

Tim Summers leads whilst GT4 passes 328 through Corum  
Taking Tim Walker through the chicane 
Fully loaded into the chicane 
2013 - Snetterton Race 2 Footage

2013 - Snetterton Results Sheet

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† Pics from Simonpics


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