Thursday, 30 May 2013

2013 - Lamborghini 50th Tour - Tour number 3 - Ferruccio's Vineyard

Day number 2 from Dave, whilst I'm at work..... hmm  Just not on.

Lamborghini Wine anybody?

Today we drove from our hotel in Convoy (10 cars) to Patrizia Lamborghini’s vineyard and resort in Panicorola, to meet with the rest of the participants.

There we met Ferruccio’s widow.
Ferruccio Lamborghini's widow welcomes the tour
A small local museum is located their and Gino had drove the only Lamborghini that Ferruccio bought new from Sweden - a white LP500S.
The only Lambo Ferruccio ever owned himself. A Countach
After a look around the museum and a short video display, we then had a tour around the cellars (there’s a lot of unused capacity as Ferruccio thought he would initially become part of a local conglomerate of wine producers), and this was where we had a rather nice lunch of local meat, cheese, cake and of course wine.
A small photo shoot then took place.
Blasst at home with her family
Following lunch we drove in convoy to Lago di Trasimeno, for a boat trip to Isola Maggiore. There we enjoyed a beer and a walk around the island.
Then it was back to the hotel and another meal out at the other hotel.

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