Tuesday, 7 May 2013

2013 - Lamborghini 50th Tour - T - 1


Day 3 and we awake to fabulous sunshine at Lake Annecy. All feeling a little worse for wear after a fabulous meal followed by a significant amount of drink, clearing the bar out of all blond and blanche beers.

Chrissy had us all (bar her husband) wearing our jackets to dinner so we looked rather smart considering how little luggage space we have available. Point to note, the Countach has about double the space of an Adventador and probably 4 times the space of a Gallardo Spyder.

Anyway, back to today's trip. Within about 1 mile we manage to make a wrong turn and then the sat-nav attempts to take us back to the hotel. Doh. Low on fuel after Day 2, we desperately need to stop for fuel. Thankfully within 5 miles we find a local station and fill her up. 63 Litres. This is great news. We have been comparing the fuel used per day with Joe's Aventador. 
Day 1, Stop 1 - 
Countach = 62 Litres, Aventador = 61 litres; 
Stop 2
Countach 54, Aventador = 52 Litres. 

However, Day 2 with some short shifting whlist carrying speed through the bends we get:
Countach 63 Litres ; Aventador 72 Litres.  


Meeting at the SuperMarche fuel stop another few miles up the road, we have over 20 Lamborghini's together. The locals can't believe it. Heading into the Mountains, I'm watching the temp, but still giving it enough to light up the exhausts with huge flames. Do hope somebody posts a pic of it. To increase the chances we have given a radio to Alex Penfold and Carl with their super expensive cameras so they can keep with the group.

After some great roads up the mountain we hear Pete call through the radio that the road we are on is completely blocked with Snow. With only just over a cars width available to a line of 20 Lamborghinis this is a bit of a challenge. Thankfully with the aid of about 5 people I manage to turn the Countach around without dropping off the side of the cliff. Phew.

The revised route is great fun, with dips and curves we manage to keep pretty much in a full convoy until we hit the Monte Blanc tunnel. I hand over to Dave to take the wheel for the motorway to have a rest and prepare for Milano. As we approach Milan we join up with two Diablos (Blue Coupe and Yellow Roadster) before the slow drive through the city. Traffic caused the engine temp to get too hot and the cobbles are a nightmare around the tram tracks. As we enter the formation square we hear a metallic grinding noise form the offside rear wheel. Oh no, is it a wheel bearing? Parking up we dump a litre of water. The fans definitely are not working. Arghhhhhh.

Steve from Lamborghini London calls for the Mechanic and David Martin from Lamborghini Europe After-sales arrives just after the Italian mechanic starts to dismantle my dash. His first question 'where are the fuses?' doesn't fill me with confidence. Why he hasn't just attempted to put a live on the fans is beyond me. Thankfully as he wonders off David pulls off the thermostat connector and gives it a wiggle. Fans fire up straight away. A bit of cleaning and nipped up a little we are sorted and attention moves on to the wheel bearing. Moving the car back and forward it's like the doctors visit. Absolutely nothing happens. I do another run, this time 100 metres and nothing. Maybe we have removed a trapped stone from the brakes? Anyway, we are good to go, but late for the trip to the hotel. It's going to be a quick turn around before dinner tonight.

Thanks to Steve and David Martin for coming to my aid so quickly. Cheers Guys. Fingers are crossed for tomorrow.

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