Wednesday, 8 May 2013

2013 - Lamborghini 50th Tour - The Big Day

What a day. Will expand later but in summary, following a great night last night with Lamborghini we just made it to the car before the start. we are car 31 so set off with a group of 7 cars and immediately go the wrong way. Good news is that the error links us with a couple of beautiful Miuras.
I follow two beautiful Miuras to Bobbio.
Footage will be updated with Italian Job opening sequence soundtrack to do it justice

Good news is the fans are working whilst driving through the mountains. Bad news is that the Miuras drive damn slow, but look beautiful.

Lunch Parking

Lunch with the Miuras

Countach attack on the road out of Bobbio
We are with the Countachs after lunch. The pace is slightly quicker but still about 4/10ths. As the police escort misses a junction and stops we pull up as car number 4 when suddenly we are hit up the rear by the yellow LP400. For f@&£s sake. 

Thankfully as I inspect the damage it doesn't look like a total stop for the tour. We can carry on if I can fasten the loose bits back onto the car.

After the rear end shunt. Not as bad as it felt

Damage to the exhaust, rear wheel arch, exhaust screen and support, number plate holder, but could have been a lot worse

Austrian LP400 looks a lot worse than B14SST

Make-shift plate strap. Pushed through the plate light bolt holes

Love the @PistonHeads banter over my plate - timed to perfection.
It's been B14SST from well before I bought the car. And most of that time was in Monaco.

After the make-shift repair the Lamborghini mechanics arrive. 'We will load it up and take away'. Not a chance. You will follow me for 5 miles and flash if anything looks dangerous.

Thankfully we get no flash and continue on till the tank is dry flowing right behind the next police outrider.
Another 63 litres after the mountain run. Garden wire still holding up the number plate

After the fuel stop we hit the autostrada and blast to the next stop. Exhaust sounds slightly more raspy to me but nothing too bad to report so we press on through the tunnels. 

We made it!!!!

We made it. Unfortunately as we get to the Hermitage our Luggage hasn't arrived. Typical. Off to a posh meal in my shorts then. Walking to the venue after missing the bus I find my Nemesis. 
Nemesis has arrived. Don't worry I didn't kick it

We still enjoyed the night after a few GTs, all the wine available, a bit of brandy and a fat cigar. Cheers Joe, James, Alison, Gary, Josh, Alex, Krissy, Steve, Anjun & Suki.

Joe, James and Alison toast the trip

Nice video of the whole event, with Blasst at the start in Milan

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