Thursday, 23 May 2013

2013 - Lamborghini 50th Tour - Tour number 3 including a Christening

Whilst I was searching for a bag in the streets of Bologna and enjoying the hospitality, or not, from British Airways, my Lambo 50 co-pilot was preparing for tour number three for Blasst.  The Lamborghini Family Tour down at the lake just south of our Rome to Bologna lunch stop.  Therefore he returns to Loro Ciufenna and the Bowers/Cavoto clan to meet up with my usual rally partner, and intermarque championship co-driver Mark Cavoto (Cov) who has just arrived from Buxton.

Over to David for the updates:

After a busy night at the Factory Party, Tris was heading home via BA, and I was returning to the quiet factory car park to pick up the Countach for the next leg of its Journey…. to the FerruccioDay2013 event with Cov.
First I had to drive the 2 hours to Loro Ciuffenna to meet up with Cov - negotiating the Motorway tolls in a RHD car is not easy at the best of times, but even more difficult when you know you have to jump out of the seat, and run around the car!
After 2 hours, I was in Loro but I had approached the old bridge from the wrong side and was unable to get across, after getting some very sketchy directions I ended up in a housing estate, getting flashed at by Uncle Neil, which was extremely fortunate.
A quick trip around the new bridge, and I was parked outside Neil and Linda’s house. A quick change of clothes and I was ready to go to the Christening…. that I’d been mysteriously invited too… in a Roman Catholic Church in another village.
View from Neil's new home in Loro Ciufenna

Leaving the Countach behind, I jumped in Neil’s car, to go to church with Neil, Linda and Lisa. The modern church was quite surprising, and so was the length of the service (about 25 minutes - no hymns or communion) followed by photographs everywhere.

Italian Christening for with the Bowers

We then quickly popped to Jonty’s wife’s parents house to wish everyone the best, negotiating the tight overgrown cambered entrance in both directions.
Amanda Bowers looking Cute

Topped up with fuel (always a mini adventure in itself) I jump into the passenger seat and let Cov drive us both down to the starting point for Tour number 3.  
About 1 hour later we arrived at our Hotel in Tuscany..
HOTEL BORGO TRE ROSEVia i palazzi, 5
53040 Valiano di Montepulciano (Siena)
View from the first hotel
After checking in, we then drove to 
Località I Giorgi
06061 Petrignano sul Lago (Perugia)
for a few drinks and snacks, and to meet some of the other guests including Olivier, Philippe, Jon and Sheryl (the latter 2 from Perth driving a hired Gallardo Performante).

Let's see how the family event compares with the factory tour...........  It's going to be a hard trip to follow....

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