Friday, 11 November 2016

Classic Motorshow @ the NEC - 2016

Following a phone call from the Ferrari Owners Club HQ that the plan for 2016 would be to display a grid full of the classic race cars used in the Pirelli Ferrari formula classic series the challenge was set.

We had to:
- Attend a doctors appointment that couldn't be moved
- Complete a day in the office
- Drive 3 hours to Birmingham
- Offload the racecar, which hasn't moved since it was loaded at the end of the Silverstone weekend
- Push it onto the display stand and give it a bit of a tidy
- Store the trailer and tow-car
- Walk to the train station
- Travel to Birmingham
- Get 5 hours sleep
- Jump on a train up north for work on Friday.


Well I'm now home after finishing work on Friday and delighted we did it.  The display looks fab and with the 355 positioned at the back of the grid it reminds me of the Brands race where we had to come through the full field after starting in the pit-lane.

The great thing about displaying a car is once in place I had an opportunity to look around the deserted halls, with the Ford GT racer and an egg shell blue 911rs taking my eye.

Looking forward to Sunday where I'm returning to collect the car, after a look around the show myself.

Ready for the start

Just ahead of Nick Cartwrights 328

And they are off

Mellow Yellow

GT40s look fab