Monday, 6 May 2013

2013 - Lamborghini 50th Tour - T - 2

Two days to go and we set-off from Chateau De Courban for Auberge Du Pere Bise in Talloires. Today is a blast through the mountains. Snow covering a number of the peaks and we must have passed about 5 ski jump slopes the vista was fab. Unfortunately we had drizzle and a 1980's quality wiper so somewhat challenging.

A fab lunch stop followed by a panic over my lost phone and wallet (it was on the car in the little glass section behind the seat) we set off a good 10 mins behind the group. Flying through the mountains we miss the revised guidance from Pete and follow the sat-nav route down a narrow woodland path and join the pain D991 about 1 mile ahead of the group. Great fun. Will post the video from the run when we have time. It should be pretty good.

As we arrive in Annecy the traffic is mental. Looks like everybody who lives in the deserted villages we massed through on route are all here to meet us. Mental. Anyway, fuel light on, we haven't calculated todays usage but assume it's another 62 litre run.

Talking of Litres, it's time for a large one. Ciao for now.

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