Friday, 17 May 2013

2013 - Lamborghini 50th Tour - The trip home


That was one hell of a day at the factory. My head is definitely struggling a little but thankfully I've got a relaxing day planned. I'll have a late start, pop into the town to buy a big suitcase for all my junk and get a taxi direct to the airport, avoiding any delays in collecting the car from the factory. David will set-off at 10:30 to the factory and then straight to Loro Ciufenna for the Christening of Jonty Bowers daughter Amanda and join up with Mark Cavoto for the Lamborghini Family event just south of Florence.

We have a leasurely breakfast, chatting with Squires, Metcalf and the Wests; generally apologising for any embarrassment the Lambo London gang may have made the night before.

Mr Squires looking fully refreshed from the night before

I wave David off with a small gift for Cov to make up for the fact he missed the party.  I'm sure we could have blagged him into the factory if he had come straight up from Pisa when he landed.

Anniversary Wallet on it's way to Cavoto

Wandering around the city centre, there are no shops open, and definitely no where to buy bags.  Kristina and Alex West pass me in a taxi as they set-off to the airport.  I decide to pop into the train station (surely they will sell bags) before I head to the airport myself. 

There is no joy at the station so I jump into a taxi and text Alex to find me a shop at the airport.  There are two potentials. The Ferrari store and the Ducati store.  Surely they will sell bags, if a little expensive.  

Arriving at the airport I discover that neither stores sell bags so head direct to BA check-in for some advice.  Thankfully there is an answer.  A bag wrapping service is right next to the check-in desk and the attendant is happy to wrap my paper bag and suit carriers 

Wrap those bags

Once wrapped I return to the BA desk, just as the check-in girl departs for the boarding gate.  Be quick she says with a smile, my colleague will check you in.

Excellent, we are looking good, and I'm ready for the flight to Newcastle via LHR, or am I?

Unfortunately the pleasant agent has been replaced with the devil in drag.  'You're late' she barks. I know, but all good now.  'You have only requested one checked in bag, and have two'.. Hmm, this is sounding like a challenge.

I must now go and pay for an extra bag from somewhere upstairs.  Oh yes, and I must be quick.  Thanks

After a bit of running, I find the right desk and as it has a queue; I ask the 'closed' window if she could help me as I'm late. Unfortunately that is far too much like good service to be considered so I must await my turn......


Finally I get the receipt, plus a duplicate copy to hand into the check-in desk.  Joy.  I run back.

'You're late' I'm told again.  'No $h1t Sherlock'  I manage to hold back from shouting.  'Now I need the credit card you used to book the flight'  Arghhhhhhhh.  I throw 5 cards onto the desk.  Fingers crossed it's one of those then.  Thankfully it's the first she tries.

'You must now run to secuiruty' I'm informed.  'Why' I think, so you get the satisfaction of me missing by a whisker like a kid running for the bus.  'will you help me get through security?' I ask.  'No, you must go, quick, quick'.  

'your late'  I wonder why pet

Those who know me, will recognise that my only response to such a demand after the delay she has given me is to slowly and very precisely place each credit card back into my wallet one at a time before neatly folding my receipt for the additional bag into the envelope holding all of the paperwork required for my flight.

'go go' she shouts, 'you are going to miss your flight'.  'And why will that be?' I ask as I walk slowly away from the desk. Sod it, if I've missed it, I've missed it.  I'll just get the next flight.

Once through security, after the usual frisk, when all I'm wearing is a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, I finally get to the gate.  As luck would have it, Paul Young is waiting and the flight has been held for me.  Friendly check-in lady knew I was coming and kept it open.  I'll be home by 6pm tonight.  Still I decide to Instagram my disappointment with the check-in from BA.  I'm sure Karma will sort her out.
Hold that plane Mr Young 

Landing in Heathrow Terminal 5, I'm in no rush. I have 3 hours before the connecting flight.  I'm fully refreshed and ready for a relaxing drink in the bar.  Amazingly everything works in my favour.  I've met up with Rudy Hackett a professional basketball player who coaches in Italy.  We are fast tracked through immigration and security like true VIPs (I wonder if they ready my tweet?) 

Rudy Hackett

Wondering around the duty free I'm invited into the VIP area of Mapin & Webb  for drinks and snacks whilst trying on some of their 'exclusive' watch collection.  How does a 150k Zenith Christophe Columb 360 Tourbillon suit you sir?  Very Impressive, or the Ulysses Nardin Moonstruck, Jeager Le Coultre Chronograph or Bvlgari Octo?  I think I prefer the Jaeger. Finishing off with an invite to a Basel launch party in London next week it's all made for a very pleasant couple of hours before I jump on the flight to London.  Thanks guys.

Zenith Christophe Columb 360 Tourbillon

Ulysses Nardin Moonstruck
Jeager Le Coultre Chronograph
Jeager Le Coultre Chronograph

Bvlgari Octo

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