Friday, 17 May 2013

2013 - Lamborghini 50th Tour - The Factory Visit and Party

After all the driving it felt odd to wake up in Bologna with no need to rush.  Just to make sure I pop down to reception for confirmation.  In summary, Concours is on, you can watch it, or you can just relax and be ready for the drive to Sant Agata at 3pm sharp.  We must be dressed for a day at the factory followed by the evenings events, so long trousers plus shirt and jacket.  Hmm, now that will be a challenge in Blasst.  Think I'll change at the factory.

After relaxing for the morning, we pop over to the main square and catch the start of the concours awards.  Ferrari Racer and Miura driver Squires wins his class, and the Jota recreation proves it is definitely the loudest.  Whilst recording a piece to camera for Jeff, we are joined by Fabrizio Giugaro (who's father designed the Countach).  He is now Chairman of Giugaro and invites us to visit the next time we pass through Turin.

Fabrizio Giugaro and Tris with Blasst

Unfortunately we don't win the concours (funny that with the rear plate hanging on Garden Wire) but we do get a lot of attention when we fire her up.  Maybe not as loud as the Jota but just as rich.

Looking around the square we spot a turbo charged countach with a rather trick exhaust. Hmm, now that would be a good idea if I need to replace my existing exhaust.

Apparently it's a 4k back box, so insurance will have to cover that thank you very much. 

Yes, yes, yes, before I even cover the content for the next section.  I know the jacket and trousers are very bright, but hey we are in Italy, and that's how they roll.  Or maybe that's how an English twit who usually does either smart OR casual thinks they should roll.

Ignoring that, we have plenty to see.  The 1.5m Sesto Elemento is fab.  Love it, and access to the factory was great.  

Watching all the cars in various stages of construction is a real treat.  Especially when we can use our cameras

As we exit the factory, and after a full week of refusing to have a picture taken with Margareta (the official Lamborghini launch model and brand ambassador) she decides to demonstrate the quality of the leather used for the aventador seats. So, purely so I can share the quality of the craftsmanship of the stitching employed David thought we had better include a picture. 

We take a quick look into the Auction but decide we could probably make a good effort to recreate the art at home. Especially if we take a pic.

Much more for me was the compilation of all the movies which have featured a lamborghini over the years.  Italian Job is the obvious classic, however for me it has to be Cannonball run

On to the main event we are ushered into a huge banqueting suit with allocated seating.   Now how is that going to work when we have over 20 brits with silly flashing glasses.  

We decided to do a little arranging and amazingly we appear to be seated together. Amazing how that happens.

After the meal it was fantastic to see the Veneno and new Ecoista drive onto the stage, plus the opportunity to meet Balboni was fantastic

You could say we were starting to loosen up by now as the party got well underway.  Fantastic fireworks and partying like it's 1988 made us all feel a few years younger.  Epic night, and a fabulous celebration of the 'bad boy' of supercars.  We salute you Lamborghini.

Nno sure he's enjoying Mr Young as much as we are

Where ever I lay my hat...... that's my home.


  1. Thanks for sharing. That Countach painting (poster?) is really cool. How much did it go for?

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