Tuesday, 22 May 2012

2012 - Race 4 - Oulton Park

2012 - PFfC Race 4  - Oulton Park

At a surprisingly dry, yes very dry, Oulton Park we qualify second in class with around 1 second to find to match the leading class 1 car of Nick Whitaker, but must first pass the Mondial T Cabriolet of Didier.  The plan is hatched to take him into Cascades if we get a good start.

A busy start for the pack

 Unfortunately as the start lights go out, it's the Mondial's of Didier and Ray Fergusson that get the jump and both are comfortably ahead as we enter Cascades for the first lap and comfortably pull away. I see the awesome Daytona break through the battling GT4s in my mirror. Once free Tim easily powers by into Lodge, with the GT4s of Richard Stafford and David Hatherway continuing to have a great fight.

Daytona on my tail

On Lap 7 Richard takes two much speed into Old Hall, running wide and releasing David to chase me down.

ichard wide at Old Hall

Great footage onboard from Richard's own camera @ 2:12

After a lap of close running David makes an easy pass into Old Hall and manages to keep a comfortable gap. Richard is gaining but thankfully does not have the time to attack for my 3rd in class position.  It is clear the new Pirelli rubber is struggling in the dry and actually becomes slower as the temperature builds. Possibly due to the height of the tread blocks.  After the race we check the condition of the tyres against the old Corsa Cs and it is clear that they have less grip.

David inspecting my rear bumper

The search for some old Corsa Cs is on.  Without them we will struggle to maintain the series lead position in Class 1.

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† Pics from Simonpics

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