Wednesday, 30 May 2012

2012 - Brands Hatch Preview


Brands Hatch Indy  Preview

My first introduction to Brands Hatch was as part of the A1GP series, with access to the full GP circuit and a 1:56 lap time, however all subsequent visits to Kent have been on the much shorter, and significantly simpler Indy circuit.   

During those four further visits we have only finished the race once, however this is primarily down to the delicate nature of the 328GTBChallenge we ran during those years.

For 2006 we managed a best lap time of 55.282 seconds, finishing 2nd in class in race 1 but failing to finish race 2.

In 2007 we had an engine fault with the car, lapping just over 1 minute and a DNF result.

Whist in the USA for the 2008 Gumball Rally we returned early for the Brands race, arriving straight from the flight and setting a fantastic lap time of 53 seconds only to lose the nearside rear wheel on the exit of Druids.

2008 - Missing Wheel Footage

2006 - Brands Hatch Race 1 Footage

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