Sunday, 16 October 2016

VMax200 and Countach Lunch. What a weekend

I'm still buzzing from this years combined trip down south to VMax200 and Rob's annual Countach Lunch.

We travelled the 200 miles down to Vmax on the Saturday arriving around 11am, with rain still falling. Entertaining to watch a few M4s and GTRs pull 360s off the line with a loss in grip and an amazingly loud Aventador that buzzed me as I drove to the start line. Whilst waiting for the rain to stop and watching the pair of 1-77 Aston's blast up the runway, I spotted the F40 pull up. I was immediately back to being a teenager again and had to pull the two 80s poster cars together for a few shots.

80s Heros
Young Huracán watches the old boys

After a bit of banter with the owner and the photographers we decided to pull off an old skool drag race and did a few runs up the runway.

VMax200 F40 v Countach: Video Link here
I then spotted the lightening had been pulled out of it's hanger, so a must have shot. just wish I had more than an iPhone to take my pics. Thankfully some of the pros have stated to post good shots up of both cars together over the past few days.

Old Skool Kool

After a night with AirBnB in Rockingham we had just 3 miles to drive to the Countach gathering, organised by Rob. I even managed to clean the car (note wheels are black at Vmax but silver at Countach meet. Highlight was driving through the tunnel into the centre of Rockingham raceway with 7 Countach together.

Morning Glory

Here they come

Banter time

Flight formation

Tunnel vision - Video of Lunch is here

We drive out for lunch, a short 45 mins thought the countryside.  The sight of the Countach out on the road together is breath taking.  Whole families stop and stair, with small children pointing open mouthed.  I know that image will stick in their mind for their entire life as it did for me many years ago.

Adiós Blasst

Photo Credit:
Vmax200 - Jason Cornish, Rob Overy, Jake Bond,  Max Simpson
Countach Lunch -  @pluckphoto

Link to VMax200 F40 v Countach: here                         https://youtu.be/PTe2Zqk-zHY

Link to Countach Lunch Meet: here                                https://youtu.be/sJOwE_gAMFw

Link to Harry's Garage review of Blasst: here                 https://youtu.be/CiZWIsmGxeg?t=8m57s

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