Thursday, 26 April 2012

2012 - Silverstone Preview

Silverstone Preview

Although I love the Silverstone GP circuit, including the new Arena section, I must say the National isn't a particular favourite.  Not only is it pretty much a pure power circuit and therefore the little GT4 will struggle, I have frequently had failures at the track.  The seven attempts to race the circuit have resulted in only two finishes with the other five failing to even start the race due to mechanical difficulties.

The fastest time we have recorded at the circuit is 1:07.207 in 2006 with the 328GTBChallenge modified car, and last years best on Corsa tyres in the GT4 was 1:12.270.

For 2012, I'm feeling positive that we will get a result after the full day of testing on Monday with the Ferrari Owners Club on the GP circuit.  Fingers are crossed.

2011 - Silverstone Race 1 Footage
2011 - Silverstone Race 2 Footage

Click here to go to the to Ferrari Owners Club - Club Racing Series'.


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